Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fathers be good to your daughters too....

My sweet hubby has been doing his daddy daughter dates off and on for years. I love this tradition. It is so beneficial to them as well as me. I am with them all so often and they get to hang out with me A LOT...but Aaron its hard between work, school, church, family, etc...etc...so...we or should I say he started doing the daddy daughter dates to have more one on one time with the girls, and eventually we will turn it into a father/son time as well, but for now he can stick to the girls and Eben and I will hang out at home and wait to hear how their dates go.

Well tonight after school Aaron decided to do a triple daddy daughter date. So he loaded our beauties in the car and headed off to see the new Alice and Wonderland movie, hopefully its ok for Jocie but he didn't want to exclude her. He really wanted to take them to see How to Train your Dragon but that didn't come out until the 26th, so they went with this one. The girls were super excited and get all gitty and happy when they know that this is coming. Its super sweet.

I so wish that my own dad had done something like this when we were growing up. It so would have been beneficial to us. I have two sisters as well, and three brothers, and I know that having time alone with my dad would have helped out in so many different areas of my life. I am a FIRM believer that the more the father is involved with his daughters the less likely they will seek other "boys" or "men's" attention. I realize everyone has free agency but I also know that it completely helps having a father that is involved and who takes notice of his daughters. Just my personal opinion...but I think its fairly accurate.

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